Sunday, October 24, 2004

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

..and saddle-sore, still curious I've come to wonder when the..umm..juggling, that Ive prided myself on for so much time, would end. Or at least, come to a point where it would all be apples, or all saucers, know what I mean? Mmm at least for a small space, to know the good earth between your toes, to 'do' something, to have a roadmarker along the way.

No really *grins* it has bothered me. Way too many comets and rainbows have come and gone, and other than to prettify our fairytales... hmm, truth to tell, I've never seen a comet sit down at the breakfast table, mumble over the Economic Times and ask for more coffee. Never seen a rainbow take out a sandwich in the park, blinking at a passing ice-cream truck, wondering whether a choco-cone would be too much. Would that it could happen. Ethereal is good, but mm am young enough, and presumptuous enough to believe that I 'must' carpe diem, and now.

The gleaming qwill, then?

Ah, well in search of.. *smiles* in search, lol- I came across a flyer from the USEFI office in chennai, announcing a Fulbright scholarship for the final year or year and a half of an undergraduate program in the U.S. It came, I saw, I sent in a filled application.

So the nominee list is out. So here's waiting to see what happens...

*yawns suddenly*

mmm an afternoon nap calls... To end on a wondering note, tho-

Anyone around, who saw the MacDonald's campaign ["I'm lovin' it", and wondered why the hell, when you have established a big yellow M as part of your brand, don't you use "'M lovin' it" and be done with it?


Tellya.. ideate and everything... but push your pencil till cosmic sparks fly from that lead because otherwise? Its just. Not. Worth it. Or anything at all.

In a bit, O thousand and one Knights and Knightesses.


Anonymous said...

Hey...great job...will be back! AJ