Sunday, November 14, 2004

Pre-Coffee Sniffs: An Unpoem.

When morning up-n'-waves, I would have you come in. Dont pause at the window, please-
The curtains were drawn by people who deslike crowing cocks:
[Ah. That said with a wry glint; I despise blondes and knock-knocks]
Who wear socks to keep out chill starlight-
Who kiss their wives on birthdays, unsmiling
[Only the cake showing signs of a lovebite.]

But I, I would have you come in, striding-
The roll of your hips, the gentle quiver of your cellulite, that
In your pride you carry
like a briefcase of birdsong.

You'd look at my damp skin with an indulgent smile, and then
Sit down, drying out the scarlet gaspings of the night;
Hanging them up in cloud-lines above the sleepy joggers and the delayed Indian Expresses...

...You'd wipe the questions from the angles of my eye, and drag my mind out
Into the heat of dosas and
Politics and
Schedules and
5 year plans.

Donne must've had a hangover, for-
[Love and passion despite-]

I would have you come, O Sunne, because I like what you teach in the light of the morn:
That there are more colours than purple, and tongues that carress still have much to say,
That I must
Get out of bed for.


Anshumani said...

Hmmm ... when I read it yesterday, it sounded like the incomprehensible gobbledegook you spew occasionally (or regularly) ... when I read it again today morning it made sense ... you are turning into a softy ... who is this dude who walks in with the gentle quiver of his cellulite?

The Wizard of Odd said...

*grins* Ruddra, I was ALWAYS a softy. Beanbag and melted cones be my middle..erm..names.

And..*sighs*... have you read Donne? No? Wait, will send... not abt to explain this.. hurts even, to do so *forlorn little sniff*

..If you ever come across it thyself.. it would be the Sunne Rising, umm I think.

Love poetry, anshu.. metaphysical at that...

*grumblemumble at dufusy questions abt a man's cellulite, geez*

Loved your latest post, btw. Want to see that movie.

*Sudden proud little smile, thumping your back happily* good god, ruddra... nicely done.

Gul said...

linked ya! sat n scratched my head n thought real hard- n what do u know- i managed to remember enough about html to get some necessary modifications done :)

neha vish said...

Your stuff completely ate my head today for a while. Glad to know that Madras and Stella Maris breeds such a being. You know how it is, you sometimes read stuff that makes you shake your head like you're a wet dog with water all over!
Peace, N

Anonymous said...

Nice words to get one out of bed....and donne...did he ever metaphysicalise the sun? Wouldn't know...haven't read him much...
Kudos to ya...pretty neat always...NOT "gobbledegook"...tee hee hee...
Loved this one especially...