Tuesday, October 04, 2005

scribbled on a napkin

I cannot ask and yet I must.
I will ask, for instance--
have you seen 'like water for chocolate'
& have you cried over a foggy night doused in firecracker light?

I cannot kiss you and yet I must.
I will kiss, for instance--
the leaf before it falls underfoot;
the captured dragonfly in its muted terror.

I cannot weep, and yet I must.
I will weep, for instance--
so the muddy rain running meets
the thirsty crow, the child with wet socks, smiling.

I cannot give you my heart, and yet I must.
I will give, for instance--
the last sip from a still cold can
the bead that around my neck for you, has stayed warm.

I cannot bring you back, and yet I must.
I will bring, for instance--
Google up, & seek images and blue linkams
that pay homage to your name.

I cannot break the cycle and yet I must.
I will break, for instance--
my silence. But only the bored sea
will receive my howls, coz the moon has her head-phones on, again.


N said...

Love it!

Nidhi Kaila said...

The BEST piece of poetry that I've read in quite some time..

Anonymous said...

Hi Priyanka,
I saw your poem on ryze. i m not a member, just a roaming guest who knows a few others writers in there, so tracked you down here. The poem is beautiful... it could also be a song- i think great song writers are actually poets in disguise. I was touched by the powerful imageries and intense emotion.

One point i dont agree with, and feel the strong need to defend, is about 'That frick’in, lame-ass title...' I LIKE IT. I think its very appropriate, and it is the title that drew me to click on your thread. 'scribbled on a napkin' is where this beautiful piece materialised, most likely circumstances where spontaneous thoughts/ ideas come, when you are killing time in a coffee shop- doodling away, reflecting on note books or bits of serviettes. I for one do that alot.

maybe 'unpoem#5' you can do without.