Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Harem

[One can dream, yes?]

No, but seriously. I have been asked often about my preferences in aesthetics, and most times have been unable to come up with a good answer because the waiting ears wished me to context my choice either in Bollywood or... erm... Bollywood.

But after a certain amount of thought, I have realized that all that I find intriguing about the male tangent of the specie is summed up by these wonderful men.

In no particular order, then--

David Bowie

Johnny Cash.

Maynard James Keenan

Joaquin Phoenix

So now we are getting somewhere. What then is the LCM of this dark yet olympian bunch?

[Dammit, list making IS fun]

1. Music. Must have music in blood, in head, in feet, all the time.

2. Intense eyes. Black holes into the 9th dimension, and autumn windows overlooking the stormy bay. No, really-- look at Joaquin, for instance:

Le gulp. And Bowie, too-- An injured eye from a long-ago fight makes this child of satan even more appealing:

3. Turbulence. An edge. Well directed, productive anger-- and if you think that's bollocks, do note Cash and Maynard's output, and their commitment to the issues they are passionate about. Bowie and Phoenix too-- perfectionists, and passionate about their respective crafts. Cash spoke for the people in America who never had a voice: in spite of being ignored by radio stations, he surged on. That power-packed finger above? Believe me, it was no pose. Maynard, whether by himself or with Tool or APC, always stands for his beliefs, whether those be anti-war or the balance in jiu-jitsu.

4. The ability to re invent oneself. Bowie hasn't let up in his creative steam-- Cash was no country rocker: beloved of NIN, APC, U2, Tool and other cutting edge bands of today, he enjoyed nothing more than playing with the new, covering their songs, jamming together. Joaquin is a book on the subject all by himself, as is Maynard.

I did mention intense eyes, yes? Sigh.


Right ho. Here's taking my dreams and self off to bed.

Want that harem. Screw the xbox. HAREM!!



The Crocodile said...

There is no hope for the ordinary. Black holes and madness and the perception of aura.
My insanity makes me sane. Their sanity makes them insane.
Ain't no sunshine.