Wednesday, January 25, 2006


By gorry, do I have much to tell ye--

of a quiet enlightenment, a love I thought I lost only to find I always had, a new penchant for shoes, my run in with the law, trans-atlantic flights, unexpected angels and MA courses.

It will all be told. Slowly, slowly.

For now though, an article that MUST be pointed out-- Attorney general Gonzales trying to justify the illegal serveillance indulged in by the Bush Administration:

Confronting Gonzales during his nearly half-hour speech were more than a dozen young people in the audience who turned their backs to him and held up for a banner for television cameras. The banner, loosely based on a Benjamin Franklin quote, read: "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."
- PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer.

Read the full article here. And check out the pic-- Dang, I'm proud of these guys.


A Hairy Snail said...

How does the new look look?????

temme. temme. temme.

tenzin said...

Om Mani Padme Hun!!!
God how do u know this mantra....

The Wizard of Odd said...

likey. likey likey.

Muchly, too :)

More said via more private media.

And tenzin-- thanks for coming by. Erm, as for the mantra-- I have a deep interest in buddhism, and have had it since childhood.

A Hairy Snail said...

TENZIN! You come here via my blog and you don't even drop me a comment! Man.

And yes, DnP, heard all about it. :)

balihai said...

hahahaha...deep interest since childhood...hahaha...liar liar, ants on fire.
aye! the brown bag with the drink at 7.31. will raise a toast for you.
this is a bit early, but then i tend to forget numbers.
you be good and send me picture. i insist. that 40k never looked better.
and i owe you a pleasant. ya! got small eyes. can speak the lingo.