Friday, February 24, 2006

Definitions at a Conference

Decadence resides in
chandeliers that glitter
with the light of chinese
cunts that taste of tommy girl
and too much $6 red wine.

Awareness is counting the sudoku squares
formed by the ceiling's wood beams,
and sinking your bare foot hurting
into warm red carpet.

Knowledge is Ron the security guard,
who walks in definite majesty
midst high and happy thighs.

wisdom is poetry
written feverish
on the back of bills and
on the arm of a drunk lover--
(the one who's number you pushed into the planter)

Truth is dancing with
joe from california
(who smells of Bud light and a 2 year old girlfriend)
then walking away to
discuss the 1974 invasion with
the delegate from Chile.

Luxury is extra cigs,
and your bare feet up on a coffee table.

Responsibility is the
erring human boyfriend,
charging the ipod
and waking up in time for committee.

Magic is the drunk slovakian playing the
piano in time to Deep Purple on your 'pod.

Courage is reading Kerouac, and still writing,
on the back of a bill--
poetry at 00:56 in the night.


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