Monday, February 23, 2009

Bhangra on daytime t.v.

Gotta love the 81st Oscars.

Finally, despite the usual camera tactics (Brangelia angles as Anniston was on stage, et al) it was a terrific show with lovely segues and a celebration of the Musical's return. Viva Jackman! Lovely seeing Jerry Lewis on stage, and Penelope Cruz's acceptance speech was the essence of honesty and beautiful humility. Nuts to what the papers say, I liked the Best Actress award transition.

What was and is horrifying, however inevitable, were the reactions of daytime American talk show hosts and anchors. Granted, Boyle's project swept 8 out of 10 awards it was nominated for, but ad hoc Bollywood boogieing sessions? In studio, roping in every crew member and intern, arming them with gold swathes of cloth and ordering them to jig side to side energetically on pain of death? Seriously?


Considering daytime shows tend to hire longships-full of midget "research people" to drag up the most popular memes of the day and/or previous night, one could have wished that the fact bollywood dance sequences have been a part of Hollywood for a while now could have been recognized. It aint new, bub. Remember Bollywood/Hollywood? The Guru? The Love Guru? The ending credits scene from 40 year old virgin? Namesake? Bride and--*shivers*-- Prejudice?

When Reliance's expansion into movie production in the U.S. was first announced, articles were scarce. This piece from the WSJ however, did a good job discussing Indian-U.S movie collaborations.

What is amusing is the huge row in certain circles over the title of Boyle's movie. Granted, movies are often the basis for the creation of most stereotypes the world over, BUT-- the movie is Slumdog Millionaire. Not Attleboro's Gandhi. And Boyle has previously directed Trainspotting & The Beach, not Ben Hur, or Schindler's List. Give the entire crew a break: it's a movie made to entertain. But if only to battle all possible stereotypes the movie might give rise to, read and pass on this: huzzah for the NYTimes!

N.B-- Ahem. Hadn't realized this nomenclature had become established. Though in my defense, had never heard the term "Asian Indian" before. Hm. Shall stick to checking off "Other" on all them enrollment forms.

Oh aye--

Jai Ho, bitches.