Monday, July 18, 2005

Talking about Controversial issues...

... its another course we're all immersed in this summer. The issues we're dealing with right now are abortion laws, and legalizing drugs.

This is our class's home page, created by our dear Professor, Mr. Krauss- "And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew..." though, far be it from me to call Mr. Krauss' head... erm... dimension-challenged, in any way. Goldsmith's Village Schoolmaster came from a lesser line.

Now see folks, this is what I like about classes here. There's a website. It's updated. We can post homework. There are online resources to read. And best part? All our blogs are linked to the class page (check us all out in the link above). Now THAT was new when heard the idea. Ah, the freedom of small classes.

Coming back to controversial issues though... here's a bit I wrote for class a while back. The idea was to look at this picture-

And free-write based on that. This is what came up:

"And if you thought that I cant see you, that you cant hear me, that I don't have an opinion hahahahahahahahahahha- nah na-na-na-nah-naahhhhh!!!

Eyes maybe closed, and u can suction me out anytime you want me gone, but at this moment go screw yourself, mr. man who thinks he's god…

God. Weird old dude in white… his beard looked a lot like all this stringy goop around me right now, was as soft too. Could fall asleep in it, as fast asleep as I am now.. The ends of it would stream out, smokish…

Smokish. If I ever get out of here, and grow big and open my eyes, Im going to smoke, and its going to be a pipe. So I will still look as cool as I do now, but then that streaming out smokish will be mine, my own, MINE I TELL YOU!! MINE!!

Mine. Does this person I can hear breathing and swallowing all around me think that I am her mine? Does she think to herself feeling me yawn and go na-na-na-nah-naaah-naaaah that “hey, you're mine, kid”?

Mine. Goldmine? Don't dig me out of here. Im the kind of precious stuff that gets better when you keep it. Kinda like that shiny yellow stuff…That will allow me to buy many many pipes. Much smokish. And I will be powerful too, with my own soft stringy goop that people will like to put their face in and tell others about.

My god its bright in here. Feels like Im inside a grape that's sitting in the sun just after a frost-down in a vineyard in France… grapes like glowing sun-is-hidden purply-orangy-life staying hidden, waving, yawning, under a blanket of smokish frost. "


A Hairy Snail said...

interesting this post. the first thing that came to my mind was, hope that light doesn't mean i am being returned.

kinda goes with the old dude with a white beard thingy.

great class site btb.

A Hairy Snail said...

think your one's the oldest yes? among the blogs that is?

The Wizard of Odd said...

Kinda, yup.