Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blog Shares???????

Holy sweet underpants of Athena.

Le Gulp.

Did anyone know that the weezle-woozers got market graphs, stats and other cabbalistic devices on a page about our blogs, and no one asked first?

I feel outraged. Used. Invaded.

And confused. No seriously: How does my blog help an economy, any economy? And if so, how come no one told me?

Oh, the migraine of the 9th dimension's coming on....

Here's me, all market-shared. And who said I was available to trade??

And here's Zig's.

And here's Anshu's.

Oh ye gods and milkmen-- de profundis, have mercy and tell me, in the words of 4 non-blondes:

whats goin' on????


Anonymous said...

blogshares is a blog-mammon software. which means that it's a sort of sensex, like blogdex. you might have heard about technorati.

someday, they're going to hold you responsible for how rich you are, in a certain category. try and get a reputation, they say.

its just a game, or i think it might turn out as such.

watch out. eventually.

The Wizard of Odd said...

like THAT... hmm. I smell a large furry unwashed rodent. But the apprehension has abated: much thanks :)

david raphael israel said...


when I look at the 3 links you give,
this is all I get:
BlogShares: Out of Service
There was a problem. It's probably just temporary. Try again later - thanks.

Don't know what to make of that, any more than of what you describe.
Well maybe the thing only gives a temporary chart that expires.


Gul said...

holy sweet underpants of athena!! hehe, that was my fav part of tha post, since the blog shares page shows error... im just confused...